Golden Retriever Puppy Training and Breed Information


Golden Retrievers are popular because they’re pretty, affectionate, and smart. They’re also a breed of dog that lends all other dogs a reputation for extreme loyalty.

The Golden Retriever puppy training process can start out a bit chaotic, though. They’re extremely excitable, especially at young ages. Still, the intelligence and loyalty of that breed makes them quite trainable.

As long as you begin your relationship as a loving alpha leader in the right way, you’ll have no trouble with your Golden Retriever. Puppy training always begins with socialization and basic obedience training, and if you begin that work with your Golden Retriever puppy right at the beginning, they’ll catch on quick.

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Breed Information – Golden Retriever


In the late 1800s in Scotland, Dudley Marjoribanks, the 1st Baron Tweedmouth, led the breeding of a superior hunting dog – the Golden Retriever. Now, the so-called “Goldie” or Yellow Retriever is a common household pet because of the good personal traits that went into that breeding.

As hunting dogs, Golden Retrievers are strong and athletic, with a body made for running, lots of natural confidence, and love of their masters.

Being a hunting dog also means they were bred to handle the elements. Their thick golden coat will shed when the weather warms each year.

An adult male Golden Retriever will be about two feet tall at the shoulders. Females will be two or three inches shorter. They weigh between 55 and 75 lbs, with about a ten pound difference between the genders.

Since the original goal of this breed was to produce a working dog, that tendency sticks with them today. Many groups who employ dogs will prefer a Golden Retriever puppy, training them as police dogs with a nose for detective work, and service dogs.


Social Temperament – Golden Retriever


As a dog breed that craves social contact immensely, Golden Retriever puppies can either be the best dog breed, or the wrong one, based on your lifestyle.

Goldies are inside dogs who need plenty of exercise and play time. They’ll want to be near someone in the family most of the time. If you travel for work, for example, and you live alone, then a Golden Retriever puppy is probably the wrong choice, because separation anxiety will be a problem.

With that said, the average household will be very glad they chose a Golden Retriever puppy, and vice versa. They deal with change better than many dogs, are patient and well-mannered, and they’re friendly both towards people and other animals. Given proper socialization and training, they are highly confident and obedient.

Golden Retrievers are skilled at sports and often compete, but at home, they enjoy swimming, fetching, hunting and tracking, and any other activity that exercises their minds and bodies.

Unique Health Problems – Golden Retriever

Most Golden Retriever-related health problems can be prevented by the breeder thanks to careful breeding selection and thorough screening of the parents. This is well-enough known that you can feel confident a solid referral to a breeder will result in a healthy pup.

On the other hand, be aware that a breed that’s as popular as Golden Retrievers, can be treated by some breeders as nothing but a profitable object. That kind of breeder only cares about having lots of pups and selling them quickly, which can mean that the Golden Retriever puppies they sell won’t be carefully screened at all, and might not get the basic socialization they need.

Some of the health problems to be aware of when you shop for a Golden Retriever are:

  • Dysplasia, a hereditary problem where the hips and elbows/knees are deformed.
  • Eye diseases such as cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which are also hereditary.
  • Also hereditary, Goldies have a higher risk of heart disease and epilepsy than other breeds.

Since these issues are all hereditary, it’s essential to know that you’re dealing with a reputable breeder who knows his or her Golden Retrievers very well.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training


This breed of dog is quite trainable. The Golden Retriever puppy training process starts the same as almost any other, which is to say it starts with basic obedience and puppy socialization. You’ll find your Goldie wants to learn, in between bouts of extreme play time.

Using negative methods, like punishing wrong behavior or yelling, should be out of the question. Golden Retriever puppy training requires a reward-based system that makes it easy for your dog to understand what you approve of. They’re quite eager to please

As a big breed of dog, you’ll want to make sure your obedience training includes the commands “heel” and “down.” Also be careful that you don’t encourage or allow jumping up on people during your Golden Retriever puppy training.

Otherwise, your Golden Retriever puppy training “curriculum” should be basically identical to my guides about how to train a puppy. For an even more detailed guide, which deals with the breed in specific detail, I highly recommend the Golden Retriever training guide. I’ve found it helpful regardless of whether I’m training a Golden Retriever pup or adult.

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