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Dog Obedience

Correcting “Counter Surfing” Dogs

Stopping the "Snatch and Dash" Counter surfing, and other forms of stealing, especially stealing food - this is another case of your dog's natural instincts kicking in. Counter surfing, along with eating from the trash bin, the dinner table, or right out of your hand, are all behaviors that confuse a lot of dog owners. Even a very good dog will do it. I can tell you that the first time I saw it, I was baffl ...

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Teach Your Dog to “Leave It!”

A Crucial Command in Obedience Training You need this one. Teaching a dog to "leave it" is an effort that will pay you back time and time again. Just to give you an idea of exactly how useful the "leave it" command is, here's a short list of times when I use this command: A dog is ill or on medication and is sniffing at dog poop. A dog is staring down the neighborhood cat. A dog is drooling over a juicy ste ...

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Training Your Dog the “Stand” Command

It's useful to teach your dog the "stand" command for grooming reasons especially, and other reasons. Think about it: You've got "sit," "stay," and "down" all covered, but you need a way to tell your dog that he's doing the right thing, when you actually need him on his feet. The "stand" command makes bath time, brushing, and visits to the vet go much smoother, and calms any anxiety by giving your dog a "jo ...

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Training Your Dog to Sit

General Tips and Specific Techniques Training your dog to sit is one of the best places to start your obedience training. It's easy to train, and doesn't challenge your dog's instinctual decision-making. Training your dog to sit also gives you a way to distract your dog from wrong or unsafe behaviors. Rather than punishing your dog for random things, which will only confuse him and hurt the master-dog relat ...

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Training A Dog To Stay

An Optional Obedience Training Command If you're thorough about the "sit" and "down" commands, you might find it unnecessary to teach the "stay" command. Some trainers even believe that training your dog to stay will confuse a dog - that the dog might think, if you don't say "stay," then they don't have to. Regardless, if you plan on training a dog to stay, then this article has you covered. It's my opinion ...

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Teaching A Dog To Heel

Get control over your dog in any situation - this is "advanced" obedience training, but essential. Teaching a dog to heel is like having a verbal leash you can apply to your dog at a moment's notice. The goal of this piece of obedience training, is to get your dog to stand or sit just inches away from your foot, and behave despite distractions. You'll use this any time your dog is agitated or tempted to mis ...

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Go To Your Spot!

This command is a great way to help your dog with anxious, confusing, or dangerous situations. This command is so useful. Any time one of my dogs is confused or agitated, any time he's too excited about company or things he sees outside the window, whenever I'm about to mow the lawn or my wife is about to run the vacuum, "go to your spot" reassures him that there is a right thing to do. Many different behav ...

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Dog Training For Obedience – The Key To Raising A Well Behaved Dog

As your dog's alpha leader, you need to give your puppy an education. Time spent performing dog training for obedience, is time that directly builds up your puppy's good mental health. Through this training, your dog's emotional needs are being met. So, what goes into the training process? How Does Dog Training for Obedience Work? There are many, many tools and techniques that can be used hand-in-hand with ...

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Fetch Or Retrieve Obedience Training

"Fetch" or "Retrieve" Obedience Training Your Dog's Favorite Obedience Command Now it's time for one of the easiest tricks to teach your dog. For the most part, fetch is a game, but adding a command like "fetch" or "retrieve" is a good way to continue building the alpha relationship and give your dog a sense of doing something useful and interactive. At first, when you throw a ball or a bone, most breeds of ...

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