What is Pet Insurance? Is it Worth the Price? Reviews and Comparison!


At one point in time, I had to look into these dog pet insurance questions myself. When I was building this website, I dug out my old notes, and compiled what I learned, because it seems like a lot of people don’t even know dog insurance exists.

So, here were my most frequently asked questions about dog insurance:

Why do people get dog pet insurance?

  • Veterinary care costs are rising every year; the typical vet visit costs more than $100.
  • Unexpected veterinary expenses, and new veterinary health procedures, cost money.
  • You never know when some nervous neighbor is going to sue a dog owner.
  • Because they love their dogs. Having dog health insurance means never having to ask myself “can I afford this vet bill?”
  • The bottom line: You pay a low, flat monthly fee, and your dog’s health care is covered.

When it came down to it, I decided I was likely to save money by getting dog insurance.


What is the best dog pet insurance provider?

I selected QuickCare Pet Health Insurance because they run good rates, and answered my questions patiently.

What does dog pet insurance cover?

Dog insurance covers a lot of things, depending on the plan and the options you choose:

  • Injuries, illnesses, accidents, and other health problems in your dog
  • Including long-term illnesses like epilepsy, and routine problems (infections, allergies, etc)
  • Medically necessary surgeries and other emergency visits
  • Holiday reimbursement
  • Dog dental care
  • Lawsuits filed against you related to your dog
  • Acupuncture and other pain control, or physical therapy
  • Loss or theft of your dog, death, euthanasia, and burial
  • Third-party lack-of-coverage

How does dog insurance work?


Just like any other insurance – you pay a small monthly premium to maintain a coverage policy. When you need the insurance to cover a bill, you file a claim with the ensurer. As with any kind of insurance, all the people who are paying their premiums, provide the dog insurance company with a bank resource, which you tap into when you file a claim.

How do I make a dog insurance claim?

This depends entirely on the insurer. With QuickCare, I can either phone it in or file the claim on their website. Keep your veterinarian’s paperwork and bills, and expect your claim to be paid within a week.

Are there discounts for insuring multiple dogs?

Many dog insurance companies do offer discounts for multiple dogs, yes. Of course, you do need a separate policy for each dog, discount or no.

What “comparison shopping” questions do I need to ask when buying dog insurance?

Go through my own list below, and figure out what matters to you. Then, ask every competing dog insurance provider. Listen carefully, and expect to wade through insurance industry mumbo-jumbo in search of clear answers about their dog insurance policies:

  • Can I choose my own veterinarian? Is my current veterinarian covered?
  • Are illnesses covered? Is there any limit to which illnesses are covered?
  • Are hereditary health problems and pre-existing conditions covered?
  • Does coverage eventually expire for pre-existing conditions?
  • Is cancer covered?
  • (Repeat “is _________ covered” for all your dog’s pre-existing conditions.)
  • Are accidents covered? (Dog hit by car, dog attacked by wild raccoon, etc)
  • Am I covered if someone else’s uninsured dog causes harm to my dog?
  • Are emergency hospital visits covered?
  • Are third-party claims covered?
  • Will old age affect my premiums?
  • What annual claims limits are there? What per-claim cost limits are there?
  • What are my co-payment terms for each claim?
  • What is the process, and time-line, for filing a claim?

And of course, the big one:

How much does dog insurance cost?

Not much. Dog insurance premiums usually start around $10 a month for minimum coverage. I went with a lot of optional coverage, and only pay about $35 a month per dog.

Run through this list with each dog insurance company you’re considering, either by checking on their website for frequently asked questions, or by calling them. The first time your dog needs an X-ray or a “trial and error” process for some health treatment, you’ll be glad you insured your best friend.

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