Guard Dog Training and Selection

Guard dog training and selection adviceThe Best Guard Dog
Training and Selection:
How to Get It Right!

There are many reasons to want a guard dog, from business protection, to a simple household watch dog for scaring off or subduing intruders. There are a lot of added responsibilities in training a guard dog correctly, and keeping your guard dog “sane” and personable when there's no need for aggression.

Breeding, training, and careful selection and rearing all play a part in guard dog training and selection.

What is a Guard Dog?

The role of the guard dog varies from one that simply alerts you to an intruder, to one that aggressively chases off or subdues intruders. Many people think only of the aggressive, under-socialized dog that doesn't know friend from foe, but there's much more to a good guard dog than that.

You can buy a guard dog that's already trained and specialized, including dogs trained in Schutzhund techniques, or you can select and train one yourself.


What Breeds Make the Best Guard Dogs?

German Shepherds are among the most popular choices for guard dog trainingThis depends entirely on what you expect from your guard dog.

Almost any dog breed will make a decent watchdog. All those dogs are asked to do, is be alert, and bark when they see or hear something suspicious. This is all the typical family wan

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