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Puppy Training

Training Your New Puppy

So you’ve finally decided to get a new puppy for your kid or as your companion. As of now, you would already know how great they are as pets, but you cannot veer away from the truth that some time or another they will create disorder in your house. As early as possible, you would like your new puppy to be able to adapt to his new environment. And most of all, you would want him to know the right place to do ...

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Yorkshire Terrier Information

About the Breed and Training From their humble beginnings as rat-hunters in the coal mines of England, to their current status as one of the most popular breeds of pet dogs in the world, the Yorkshire Terrier (also known as "Teacup Yorkie," "Miniature Yorkie," or just "Yorkie") is a fabulous toy dog with tons of personality. If you like an itty-bitty dog with a lot of energy, who is affectionate towards you ...

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Puppy Potty Training: or, Dogs and Paper Work

Obviously, the first thing you want your dog to learn is how not to leave messes around the house. Potty training is priority number 1. This page is about those of you who will teach your puppy where to use the bathroom inside the house. If you're more interested in teaching your puppy to hold their doody duties until they go outside, read about puppy house training, which uses crate training methods. Which ...

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Puppy Housebreaking Solutions To Potty Training

This puppy housebreaking method solves the messy problem of training dogs to go to the toilet indoors. If you are looking to house train your puppy to do his business outdoors please read this detailed article - Puppy House Training Outdoors "Finally there is a Clean, Hygienic, User Friendly & Highly Effective way to housebreak your puppy indoors. No more Shredded Paper, Dirty Paw Prints & Unsightly ...

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Puppy House Training – The Best Method

When you first bring your new puppy home, you're going to be thrilled. But the moment your puppy makes the first mess on the floor, you're going to realize puppy house training is a serious need. So, puppy house training is one of the first things you need to do. You'll see instructions about this everywhere, but I've used the house training methods below on dogs of many different breeds, and it always work ...

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Puppy Crate Training – The Safe, Humane, and Effective Way

Dogs and puppies are NATURAL 'den creatures' -- so why not train your dog naturally with their very own crate 'den'? (It also helps with house training your dog, and other common dog obedience issues as well!) Like basic obedience training, puppy crate training helps establish certain boundaries. Puppy crate training is especially helpful during puppy house training, and for fixing or preventing behavior pr ...

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How To Train A Puppy Like A Professional Trainer

So you've bought a puppy... now what  Surprised ? Nobody can ignore the energy and excitement of adding a new puppy to your family. You'll want to spend every available second with him or her -- they're cute, cuddly and... well for anyone who has kids -- they are just like a new baby!  ...And just like with every baby, comes the work. How Can Something So Cute Be So Much Trouble? Click here and discover how ...

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