Training Your New Puppy

So you’ve finally decided to get a new puppy for your kid or as your companion. As of now, you would already know how great they are as pets, but you cannot veer away from the truth that some time or another they will create disorder in your house. As early as possible, you would like your new puppy to be able to adapt to his new environment. And most of all, you would want him to know the right place to do his affairs. Most often than not, this will not be easy. But with a lot of patience, you will discover that it is very rewarding.

Crate method is the most successful method to train your dog to relieve himself. If you don’t have a dog cage, you can barricade a small section where your puppy cannot run around. The will serve as his sleeping area. Keeping your puppy in this area will teach him not to put his waste here because dogs basically don’t soil their sleeping areas.

Take your puppy for puppy training to another area which is proper to remove waste at the proper time if he doesn’t want to go to the place you created. Don’t let your puppy stay in its crate for too long because dogs have a great tendency to excrete a lot of waste. Let them take breaks probably every hour.

As s0on as you have taken your dog in the right place to eliminate waste, see if he goes. If your puppy does it, commend him. Doing so will make him know that he did the right thing. If he went at a wrong place, tell him a tough ‘No!’ to make him understand. If he wasn’t able to relieve himself after some time, take him back to his crate.

It is advisable not to feed your puppy too much at night time. Before you take him to sleep in his crate, make sure that he has already relieved himself. This is one of the best puppy training techniquesyou could use.

Training your puppy in your house requires your time and dedication. Keep track of every activity to make you launch a routine for your puppy. Letting your puppy feed and relieve himself at certain times will greatly help him in establishing a routine for relieving himself.

Be consistent with training your puppy because this will make the training go more quickly. After you have your puppy properly trained, you will not be worried anymore about disorders in your home. You can even go on and conduct advance training for your puppy and enjoy him at the same time. There is no denying that they are man’s best friend and putting some patience in training them will let you experience great things as you both grow together.

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