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How to Choose Quality Dog Bedding

Your dog deserves to be comfortable and clean when he's relaxing or sleeping. So, dog bedding is a very important purchase. Your dog will spend a lot of time on his bedding, so make sure it's special to him, by considering the dog bedding buying tips on this page. There's designer dog bedding for the pampered pooch, orthopedic dog bedding for older dogs or dogs with hip problems, and of course, puppy-sized ...

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My “Dog Crate Store”

A List of Links to Discount Dog Crates I've Used I've tried out a lot of different kinds of crates. Wire crates, plastic crates, folding, collapsible, cute wicker crates, and even the Vari-Kennel - I have lots of dogs, and we do lots of stuff together, so I've used lots of dog crates. The right crate is very useful to both the dog, and the dog owner. A dog crate teaches restraint during house training and c ...

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Smart Shopping Tips for Choosing Large Dog Beds

It's important to get a dog bed that makes your dog comfortable, keeps him warm, and is durable enough to last - and this is even more important when it comes to large dog beds. Shopping for large dog beds comes with special considerations. I've put together a checklist to help you make the right choice when you buy a large dog bed. Follow these tips to give your best friend the quality rest his big body ne ...

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What Online Dog Supplies Store Do I Recommend?

A Frequently Asked Question Our little furry buddies don't ask a whole lot of us. Still, there are things every dog owner needs to own, for the sake of their dog's well-being. Brushes, bedding, food, etc. And every dog owner loves giving dogs the best things in life, right? Mmm, dog treats. So for the sake of helping you find the online dog supplies store you need right this minute, I've sorted them into: M ...

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Homemade Dog Food Recipes

The Ideal Dog Diet! Take a whiff of your dog's food. Mmm, appetizing isn't it? Now, of course it smells a lot better to your dog, but let's face it - it's nothing special. Just like you, your dog wouldn't want to eat the same food every single day even if it was his favorite food. But, that's a dog's life for ya. Once in a while, or even every day, it's a good idea to include homemade dog food recipes in yo ...

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Best Dog Food

My Thoughts on the Dog Food Dilemma Giving your puppies the best dog food is very important. If you've ever lived on a shoestring budget, you know that cheap food just doesn't make you feel as good as "real food." Dog food nutrition matters a lot - quality food makes them healthy, strong and happy. You can see a difference in their behavior and even their appearance. In 2008, some dog food companies fell fl ...

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