Puppy Housebreaking Solutions To Potty Training

This puppy housebreaking method solves the messy problem of training dogs to go to the toilet indoors. If you are looking to house train your puppy to do his business outdoors please read this detailed article – Puppy House Training Outdoors

“Finally there is a Clean, Hygienic, User Friendly & Highly Effective way to housebreak your puppy indoors. No more Shredded Paper, Dirty Paw Prints & Unsightly Mess”

Wizdog Indoor Potty Training Solution

“Training a puppy to go to the bathroom inside the house used to be a huge frustration for dog lovers – but it just got a whole lot easier. At long last there is a Clean, Simple, Highly Effective and Affordable solution”

Even a puppy that’s been trained to go to the door at potty time, is eventually going to be stuck inside when nature calls.  A very good dog will “hold it” for hours, but that can be bad for their health.  They enjoy being forced to wait just as much as you do – which is to say, they HATE it.

Being stuck indoors when needing relief can sometimes be a direct cause for separation anxiety, if they start to associate being left at home, with that kind of torture.  And, as we discuss elsewhere, separation anxiety is the number one cause of behavioral problems.

The only humane solution is to housebreak your puppy early.  Make sure they know their options for pooping and peeing inside when they need to.

Traditionally, people have used puppy paper training or dog litterbox training for this which is normally very messy solutions and a huge headache. However, there’s a new option that’s better than both litterboxes and puppy paper training:

The “Wizdog” Indoor Potty Training Solution

Although paper and litterboxes can get the job done, those methods aren’t perfect:

  • Pee spreads and soaks through the paper
  • Litterbox filler scatters all over the floor
  • Dogs outgrow litterboxes very quickly
  •  Litter must be replaced 2-3 times a month
  •  If you forget to lay out paper, you have to return home
  •  Puppy steps in or plays with their mess and tracks it everywhere
  • The “bury it” instinct results in shredded paper, defeating the purpose

The “Wizdog” solution for indoor housebreaking solves nearly all of these problems!  Dog owners and puppy trainers alike have been waiting for a solution like this for years, and now it’s here.  Not only is it cleaner and more convenient, it’s also affordable.


What is the Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet?

It’s similar to a litterbox or a training pad, but superior.  It employs a grate that your dog or puppy can stand over.  The waste goes through the grate and into the bin, minimizing the risk that it’ll end up all over your house.

In short, it’s easier and cleaner for both you, and your puppy.

The Wizdog website has pictures and a demonstration:  Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty.

Who Will Benefit from the Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet?


Any dog owner – any dog trainer – any rescue shelter or pound.  Anyone who deals with dogs and wants a humane way for the dog to relieve themselves indoors with minimal cleaning afterward, will benefit from the Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet.

Imagine a cold winter.  Your dog doesn’t want to go outside, and if they must go outside, they don’t want to have to head out into the yard, shivering in the snow.  They’d much rather use a Wizdog that’s inside or near the door.

Imagine a small city apartment.  Although it’s best if you take them for regular walks, and your apartment will certainly smell better… sometimes you just don’t want to stop what you’re doing every time nature calls.  The Wizdog gives you that option.

Feel free to go on vacation.  A pad of paper is near-worthless after the first day… your floor would simply be marinading in urine.  The same goes for a litterbox; half the litter would be scattered everywhere in no-time.  Put a Wizdog in a designated place, and enjoy your vacation.

Benefits of the Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet

  • Inexpensive.  The price is comparable to a dog-sized litterbox.
  • Cleaner.  You won’t find litter or bits of soiled paper all over the house.
  • Hygienic.  It’s easy to clean, and the mess all goes in the pan.
  • Convenient for your dog.  Reduces the risk of filthy paws.
  • Nothing to refill.  You can use paper liners if you want, but it’s not necessary.
  • Complete.  Replaces puppy pads, stacks of newspapers or cardboard, and litterboxes.
  • Durable.  Ordinary litterboxes can crack or chip from normal use – the Wizdog won’t.

How is the Wizdog Different from Other Indoor
Housebreaking Options?

In terms of your efforts to train your dog, there’s no difference at all.  You put the Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet at a designated part of the house, and use positive reinforcement until they learn the proper place for their waste.

However, in practical terms for daily use, it’s very different.

  • Wizdog Protects Your Floor
    If you’re using paper, it will only take a few weeks before permanent damage is done to your flooring – stains at the very least, and in most cases your flooring will absorb the urine and will eventually need to be torn up and replaced.  Not so, with the Wizdog!
  • A Wizdog is Forever
    A Wizdog toilet can be used permanently, unlike paper and pads which must be cleaned or thrown away.  Dogs outgrow litterboxes, but two or more Wizdog toilets can be joined together for especially-large breeds of dog.
  • Filler is Optional
    No pads, no paper, and no litter – unless you want them.  Of course, adding newspaper or litter will reduce odors, but since the Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet is so easy to clean, you may find that paper simply adds mess to the cleaning process.  Either way, it’s up to you – the Wizdog is complete by itself!

Perfect for Puppies and
Every Breed of Dog

No matter how big or how small, you can provide a suitable toilet for your best friend through Wizdog.  The rectangular units can be arranged to create a larger area, but a smart dog will simply straddle the unit, which is plenty large for “the business at hand.”

For More Information

The Wizdog website contains further information about the product; pictures, FAQs, pricing including replacement grates, optional padding, and cleaning materials for removing the occasional mess.  Click for more:  Wizdog Indoor Dog Toilet

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